Here’s A Simple Way To See A 30% Increase In Sales of Your Auto-Repair Business Every 180 Days.

(And how for around half the cost of a single marketing employee, you can have an entire team pulling in new business for you)

This could be you smiling!

I’ve helped several businesses in your industry achieve record sales and I can do the same for you if you’re not already “everywhere”.

“So, How Do We Make Damn Certain You Become
The Leading Auto-Repair Garage In Your Area?”

By being absolutely everywhere online.

Or “Omnipresent” if you want to use a fancier word.

In other words…

When someone goes looking for an auto-repair garage, they will find you.

Your name and your message will be in front of the audience you need on:

  • Google (yeah! we can actually get you ranked and keep you there)
  • AdWords (we’ll strategically bid on keywords that we know produce massive ROI)
  • Maps (set yourself up properly here and you’ll get massive exposure)
  • Email Marketing (because the money is always in the list)
  • Social Media (just to make sure we collect prospects that spend half their life on the likes of Instagram, Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn)
  • Online Directories (let your Yelp page do the heavy lifting)

And much, much more! (to be discussed shortly)

Business Management Online

This is what it takes to manage a business online.  One marketing person can not handle all of this work – yet we can get it all done for less than HALF the cost of one employee.  Welcome to the business revolution!

Website Hosting & Management
  • Domain Management
  • Website Hosting & Management
  • Email Hosting & Management
  • Ongoing Website Expansion (New Content)
  • Website Technology & Feature Updates
  • Responsive Design for All Devices
SEO, Analytics & Social Media Tracking Software
  • Single Login for All Your Data
  • Google Maps, AdWords, Analytics
    & Webmaster Tools
  • Facebook & Twitter Monitoring & Replies
  • Accurate Rank Tracking (Includes Google Maps)
  • Other Integrations Include Call Tracking, Email Marketing & More
Core Content Creation - Pain Points & Solutions
  • Develop multiple funnels based on deep knowledge of your company and what makes it special
  • One page on your website for each funnel, with supporting blog articles, infographics, videos and slideshows
  • Competitor differentiation, USPs, slogans – the core principles of your business
Social Media Management & Posting
  • We post your core content, blog articles, company news & events, and industry info
  • Setup autoresponders on each platform to reply to anyone who messages your company
  • These platforms collect reviews for your company, it is a critical component of your web presence – because your customers are there
  • On the 3 most important platforms
  • Facebook, Twitter, Linked In & Google +
Google AdWords Management
  • Appear for Relevant Keywords for More Leads
  • Also Buy Your Business Name on Google
  • 100% Adjustable Budget
  • Conversion Tracking – You Know If It’s Working
  • Phone Tracking (optional) – Perfect ROI Data
Additional Content – Blog Articles, Press Releases, etc
  • We continue to feed your website and others with quality content from your company
  • Quality custom graphics with every post
  • Each post is Search Engine Optimized
  • Publishing regularly gets Google’s attention
  • Pushing this content to other sites attracts links
Google Maps (+Bing, Yahoo, Yelp & Angie’s List)
  • Fantastic Lead Generation
  • Google Maps/Places & Now Google +, all from one account
  • Yelp Reviews supply iPhone Apple Maps
  • Angie’s List provides extreme reputation metrics
Premium Quality, Google Friendly Link Acquisition
  • High Quality Blog Posts Attract Links Naturally
  • Best Local SEO Link Building – Internet Phone Book Citations –Business Directory Profiles w/ Custom Graphics & Videos
  • Ultra High Quality Guest Blog Article Links –
  • Unique, Relevant Business Content Posted on Topically Relative, Established Blogs
Professionally Branded Email Marketing
  • We create a New Lead Email Series so that your new leads get multiple touches from your company automatically – high conversion rates
  • We also send out a snippet of your blog articles when they are posted, or on a schedule
  • Any additional news you want to email
  • You get your own login to send anytime

I’ll personally take a look at your current website to see how well equipped it is to close the leads we’ll generate.

If it ain’t up to scratch OR it’s outright ugly…

OR if it cam be improved so that more of your traffic is turned into paying customers… Or…

I can give you a website that is already proven to convert cold traffic into life long clients.


I can only do all this for business owners that reach my strict but reasonable criteria…

Your time is valuable, as is mine so I only want you to schedule a call to discuss growing your business if:

  1. YOU’RE AWESOME. That means you pride yourself on being a great client, have no issue jumping in when the opportunity is right and have a long-term vision for your business that you are practically frothing at the mouth to make a reality.
  2. YOU HAVE THE BANDWIDTH TO HANDLE MORE BUSINESS. You are going to see a lot of growth over the coming months. That means more people reaching out, more cars that need servicing. You must be able to serve the new business that comes your way.
  3.  YOUR BUSINESS NEEDS TO BE IN A POSITION TO INVEST. You’re established, your clients love you, so you’re in a position to invest and let a dedicated team handle all your marketing efforts.

(Remember: we can get your business firing on all cylinders for half what it would cost to just have one employee fooling around on his laptop)


And that’s about it…

If you think you’re a fit and a minimum of a 30% increase in revenue every 180 days sounds like something you could get on board with then I invite you to schedule a 30 minute discovery call with me.

In that time you’ll see how this would work for you and how it’s already working for businesses just like yours.

I won’t bore you to tears with marketing jargon and I’ll only extend an invitation to work together once I have balls of steel confidence I can really help you.

Sound good?

Here’s a link to my calendar.

Book yourself in now.

Make sure you show up (nobody likes a flake).

And I’ll look forward to hearing from you shortly,

Best Wishes,

Charles Montgomery


Just a sample of the love we get from the business owners we help…

thumb_01_60_60Larry Collins, Thurston County Transmissions

“I text Charles at least once / month, but I usually say the same thing – new record!  We hit new monthly sales records all the time. ”


thumb_02_60_60 George Grijalva

“I would die for Charles, this guy has changed my professional life multiple times. Let your business evolve. ”


thumb_03_60_60Becky Tengwall

“I’ve been working with Charles & NW eSource since his kids were born, that’s over 10 years.  We hired him when the other guys just couldn’t get it right.”



Get your questions answered before we talk…

What makes you the "go to guy" ?

My name is Charles Montgomery, and I own and operate Northwest eSource, a software development, web design & marketing agency. We’ve been in business since 2006, and before that I worked at IBM, Intel & Gateway Computers – so technology comes second nature to me. I started my company in IT, but every company I visited needed a website.

After I built 15 websites, everyone asked me “how do we use it?” So we started marketing. That was at the birth of businesses on Google and SEO, since then we’ve added every service that businesses need to succeed online, including strategic business content, business branding, social media services & email marketing.

We have a team that makes onsite videos nationwide, photographers, graphic designers, developers and more – our team rocks! And our processes and expertise are second to none.

What should I expect from our appointment?

With my experience in software, web design & marketing, I can quickly ascertain what your business needs.  It’s as simple as that.

The first 5-15 minutes will be a fun, engaging introduction – no PITCH from me whatsoever.  I don’t need you to buy from me – I only want to work with a select few.  I’d like to hear just how passionate you are about your business, and how you do a fantastic job.

From there you can tell me about the technology in your business.  If you are passionate about technology improving your business, that you use your email, and are serious about the future – then we proceed.

We will then Google your business and discover the properties that Google thinks represent your business – and which ones are missing.

From there we can talk about ACTION, what steps need to be taken – whether my company takes them or not – I will point you in all the right directions.

What work do you start with first?

What we start with first depends on your situation.  If you’re website should have been unpublished years ago – we start there.

If you are struggling to get enough business to make payroll, then we go into instant over-drive lead generation.

If you are in a more comfortable situation in your business, then we start with your core messaging, get the pitch perfect, then get it out, everywhere.